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After a long long years, finally my website is on. visit
still need adjustments here and there, but for now enjoy my web. For questions and inquiries, contact :
Hi all,

a bit late but Happy New Years too all !!

It's 2010, a fresh new start for all of us. Including me
i hope i can have a new fresh idea for my works.

Thank you for all of your support here in Deviantart. Sorry that i rarely check here because of my hectic life last year hahhahah !!
So i hope i can be more active this year on my DA account.

Thank you for my last Daily Deviation, for the comments, appreciation, favs. sorry maybe i can't answers and reply all of your comments, but big hug and thanks from me.

from today i will gradually update my DA works. Also maybe there is some redone and re - retouch in my few works, commercial works, fashion unpublished and i will update it here or at

my model mayhem account :
my dripbook account     :…

and i will update my unpublished works and my think tank photoshoot at m

my blogspot   
my Flickr     …

soon will updating all of that. Just wait guys !! hehehhehe

also maybe check some of my Music Video Production at youtube for

- Monkey to Millionaire - Strange is the song in our conversation…

- Rebbeca - Kau Pergi…

and soon to be launch : Syesh - Berhentilah

So Enjoy the rest of the year 2010.
See you around

Thank you

Bona Soetirto
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Pendaftaran Continuum Digital Imaging course

halooo semuaaa apa kabar, kami ingin menginformasikan bahwa pendaftaran continuum digital imaging course untuk term kedua telah terbuka. Kelas ini dibuka untuk semua orang baik itu hobbiist ataupun yang memang ingin berkecimpung di dunia profesional Digital imaging. pada kelas terdahulu kami membuka 2 kelas saja. namun untuk term kedua ini kami membuka 3 kelas.

untuk informasi lebih lanjut dapat dilihat di…

sedangkan untuk registrasi online dapat melalui…

dan untuk group facebooknya ada disini…

sedangkan untuk informasi ataupun konfirmasi pendaftaran anda bisa menghubungi:
Adit Kok 08159119249

regards, Continuum Team
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First of all
to all Deviant : Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, New Hope, New Wishlist and many more

Hmm from 8 to 9
for me it's just an ordinary changing days and years, cause for me means NEW YEARS equal NEW SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat). so it's gonna be another tough year like any years before this.

Maybe i had some NEW RESOLUTIONS in my head....but just for me. I Hope i can manage to reach that resolutions or may I say GOALS.

It's been a bad year for all of us around the world because of Global Crisis, So let's make this 9 turn good like the number ( 9 = good grade, A+, QQ for chinese luck, good point).

So Let's take a giant leap into 2009 guys !! All the best wishes for you all

See you around
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haloo halooo :D kami membuat sebuah course DI. dan jangan takuuuttt karena belajarnya rame2, jadi bisa saling tanya, selain itu yang paling penting, harganya ga mencekik leher!! ghihhihihi tempat coursenya sangat strategis di Gatot subroto (kayanya lumayan di tengah jakarta ya), selain itu harinya juga sudah kami sesuaikan dengan jadwal baik mahasiswa, sekolahan ataupun yang sudah kerja. dan jangan takut kalo misalnya lo jadi teringat masa2 SD dimana guru2nya killer dan ga nyeremin karena yang bawa kelas juga temen2 kita sendiri (istilahnya sepantaran lah). di kelas ini semua materi DI akan diajarkan, hingga sangatlah memungkinkan kalau pada akhir course ini lo uda siap secara kualitas sebagai DI artist profesional. dan karena tempatnya sangat terbatas, setiap kelas 15 orang, jadi agak2 limited, sebaiknya daftar jauh2 hari, karena kita akan menutup pendaftaran setelah semua kelas penuh. mari mariii... :)


facebook group…

Continuum Team
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Yo Hey !!

In between working pile..........get the chance to write a journal hehhehehe !!

The Upcoming and Most Awaited Movie, Series, Video For Me !! and the list are :

Cartoon / Animation :

- BOLT : Disney (without Pixar) animation movie about a Dog lost and tryin to go home
trailer :…
Out : November 28, 2008

- CORALINE : A young girl (Fanning) walks through a secret door in her new home and discovers an alternate version of her life. it's a project of Neil Gaiman and Henry Selick (the nightmare before christmas animators director)
trailer :…
Out : February 6, 2009

- GENIUS PARTY BEYOND : Studio 4degreesCelcius from Japan, sequel to Genius Party that made Last Summer. Animation from 5 Directors that made animation for Kill Bill, Animatrix, Akira, Parasite Dolls........i think its a must see animation
trailer :…
Out : October, 2008

- UP : Disney Pixar animation, about In this "coming of old age" story, a seventysomething hero, alongside his clueless wilderness ranger sidekick, travels the globe, fighting beasts and villains, and eating dinner at 3:30 in the afternoon.
trailer :…
Out : May 29, 2009

- PONYO ON THE CLIFF : the newest ghibli's project by Hayao Miyazaki about the story of a goldfish named Ponyo that desperately wants to be a human. She runs away from her sea home and befriends a five-year-old human boy.
trailer :…
Out : Now in Japan

- THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, New 2D cartoon by Disney
trailer :…
Out : December 25, 2009

- MADAGASCAR 2 : Escape 2 Africa
trailer :…
Out : November 7, 2008

- ICE AGE 3 : Dawn of Dinosaur
trailer :…
Out : July, 1, 2009

- The Tale of Desperaux
trailer :…
Out : December 19, 2008


- Heroes, Season 3
Preview :…
Out : September 29, 2008

- Chuck, Season 2
Preview :…
Out : September 22, 2008

- Dexter, Season 3
Preview :…
Out : September 28, 2008


- X men Origins : Wolverine
trailer leak :…
Out : May 1, 2009

- Transformer II : Revenge of the Fallen
Out : June 26, 2009

- Star Trek (Orginal First Frontier)
trailer :…
Out : June 8, 2009

- Angels and Demon......and yes Tom Hanks still there
Out : June 15, 2009

- Terminator : Salvation, starring Chrstian Bale
trailer :…
Out : May 22, 2009

- GI Joe : Rise of the Cobra.........YIPEEEEEEEEEEE !!! finally
Out : August 7, 2009

- Watchmen, From Frank Miller Comic and also 300 director Zack Snyder........ a must see
Trailer :…
Out : March 6, 2009

- The Spirit, from Will Eisner comic and directed by Frank Miller Himself
Trailer :…
Out : December 25, 2008

- Max Payne, yes it's from the game series Max Payne starring Mark Wahlberg
Trailer :…
Out : October 17, 2008

- Death Race, It's Jason Statham
Out : August 28, 2008

- Rock n Rolla, NEW GUY RITCHIE movie, yay !!! a story of sex, thugs and rock ‘n roll.
Trailer :…
Out : October 1, 2008

- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Trailer :…
Out : July 17, 2009

- Babylon AD
trailer :…
Out : August 29, 2008

- Twilight,  an action-packed, modern day love story between a vampire and a human.
trailer :…
Out : November 20, 2008

- Ashes of time Redux, Director : Wong Kar Wai
trailer :…
Out : October 10, 2008

- The Brothers Bloom, Director : Rian Johnson
trailer :…
Out : October 24, 2008

- Jack Brooks Monster Slayer, I SEE ROBERT ENGLUND (Yes it's Mr Freddy Kruegger playa) Horror Comedy
trailer :…
Out : August 8, 2008

- Bruno : Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt, THERE I SAID IT THE TITLE its so long............Sascha backkkk with new character !!
Out : May 15, 2009

- Quantum of Solace : James Bond
trailer :…
Out : November 7, 2008

- Sukiyaki Wester Django, It's Takashi Miike movie collaboration with Quentin Tarantino ........Cult director together.!! this is gonna be rock hardddd
trailer :…
Out : August 29, 2008

- City of Ember
trailer :…
Out : October 10, 2008

- Zack and Miri Make a Porno, another Kevin Smith movie
trailer :…
Out : October 31, 2008

- Australia.............Director Baz Luhrmann...a must see
trailer :…
Out : November 14, 2008

- Righteous Kill, it's Pacino and De Niro
trailer :…
Out : this week

- The Day the Earth Stood Still, yes it's the remake of 1951 movie starring Keanu Reeves
trailer :…
Out : December 12, 2008

- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Director : David Fincher
trailer :…
Out : December 19, 2008

- Valkyrie, Director : Bryan Singer (X Men, Superman Returns)
Trailer :…
Out : December 26, 2008

- Ninja Assassin
Out : January 16, 2009

- Knowing, Alex Proyas Project starring Nicolas Cage
trailer :…
Out : March 20, 2009

- Phoebe in Wonderland, Dakota Fanning sister play as Phoebe
trailer :…
Out : September 12, 2008

- SAW V.........yeah another SAW hehhehe
trailer :…
Out : October 24, 2008

- Quarantine, another zombie a la cloverfield cam
trailer :…
Out : October 1, 2008

- Yes Man, Jim Carrey is back
trailer :…
Out : December 18, 2008

- Repo ! The Genetic Opera, we got Paris Hilton here playing hehehhehe. its A Musical or to be exact Rock Movie
trailer :…
Out : November 7, 2008

- Body of Lies, Leo di Cap and Russel Crowe
trailer :…
Out : October 10, 2008

- The Informers, its Wynonna, Billy Bob and Kim Basinger
trailer :…
Out : December, 2008

ANOTHER MOVIES WORTH TO WATCH FOR ME (MAYBE heheheheh), also opening around this week or the next two weeks or already in theaters :

- Humboldt County :…
- In Search of Midnight Kiss :…
- SexDrive :…
- Blindness :…
- Burn after Reading :…
- Starwars Clone Wars
- Tropic Thunder (A MUST WATCH) :…
- Nick and Norah's infinite playlist :…
- Eagle Eye :…
- American Teen :…
- Hellboy II : The Golden Army
- Where in The World is Osama bin Laden :…
- Religoulous :…
- Pineapple Express :…
- Bangkok Dangerous :…
- In the name of the king (dungeon siege tale) :…
- Lost Boys 2 : The Tribe (prequel) :…
- How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (my fav Simon Pegg) :…
- The Wrestlers (Darren Aronofsky)
- Choke :…

TBA MOVIE, RUMOR worth for me to watch :

- The A-Team (Remake), Out : June 12th, 2009
- The Wolfman, Director Joe Johnston, Starring Benecio Del Toro, inspired by classic wolfman movie, Out : April 3rd, 2009
- Final Destination 4, Out August 14th, 2009
- Amelia, the story about Amelia Earheart, director : Mira Nair, Out : October, 2009
- Ashecliffe, from novel adaptation : Shutter Island, Director : Martin Scorcese, starring Leo di Cap
- Milk, Director : Gus Van Sant
- Time Traveller; Director : Spike Lee
- Red Sonja, Out : 2009, Starring Rose McGowan
- CONAN (remake) : 2009
- The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Out : May 7th, 2010
- Iron Man II : 2010
- Thor (Marvel) : 2010
- The First Avenger - Captain America : May 6th, 2011
- The Avenger : 2011
- Prince of Persia - Sands of time, Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Out in May 28th, 2010
- The Hobbit, Out December 2011, Director : Guillermo del Toro, Screenwriter : Peter Jackson
- Robocop (Remake) by Darren Aronofsky
- Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton, Out : March 5, 2010
- Gatchaman/G-Force/Battle of the Planets : Out in April 3rd, 2009
- Avatar ; by James Cameron, Out in December 18th, 2009
- Inglorious Bastards (Remake) ; by Quentin Tarantino
- Phantom in Paradise ; by Brian de Palma, Out in 2010
- Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (remake) ; by Quentin Tarantino.......and Starring Britney Spears
- School of Rock 2 - America Rocks
- Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun Li, Starring : Kristin Kreuk, Out February 27th, 2009
- Che Guevara (2 episodes) by Steven Soderbergh
- TRON 2 / Tr2n
- Astroboy (Live Action), starring Nicolas Cage, Scarlett Johansson, Out 2009
- Walt Disney's Race to Witch Mountain
- Evil Dead 4 ; Director Sam Raimi (Spiderman)
- Thundercats ; co star : Tyrese Gibson
- The Twilight Zone (the movie)
- Nottingham (Robin Hood Story) ; by Ridley Scott
- Capeshooter
- The Last Airbender ; Director : M. Night Syamalan, Out July 2nd, 2010
- Harry Potter and Deahtly Hallows Part I, Out : November 19th, 2010
- Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part II, Out : May 2011
- Kick Ass !! (from comic by Mark Millar)
- Grayskull : Master of the Universe
- Jennifer's Body ; From the creator of Juno Starring Megan Fox
- Monsters vs Aliens (Dreamworks Animation), Out March 27th, 2009
- MasterMind (Dreamworks Animation), Out 2010
- Rapunzel (Walt Disney Pictures - Animation - 3D) Out 2010
- Beverly Hills Cop 4 (yes Eddie is back) - Out : Summer 2010
- Plastic Man (DC Comics) ; by Wachowski Brothers
- 2012 ; by Roland Emmerich
- Newt (Walt Disney - Pixar) , Out 2012
- Sherlock Holmes, Director : Guy Ritchie, Starring : Robert Downey Jr.
- Giallo ; by Dario Argento, Starring Adrian Brody
- The Informant ; by Steven Soderbergh
- Green Hornet ; starring Seth Rogen, Out in June 10th, 2010
- GAME, Starring Gerald Butler, Out Fall 2008
- Spiderman 4, scheduled out in theaters in May 2011
- Superman (Reboot) - Reintroduce Superman in 2011
- New York, I love you from Producer of Paris Je t'aime and many surprising directors such as Yvan Attal, Scarlett Johansson, Shekhar Kapur, Mira Nair, Natalie Portman, Brett Ratner, Jiang Wen, Out February 13th, 2009

WOW IT'S A LONG LIST...........hmmm Lets wait and see
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Now listening to this albums :

- Alphabeat - This is Alphabeat
- The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing
- Mother Mother - Touch Up
- Various artist - A Tribute for Bjork
- Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles
- Muscles - Guns Babes lemonade
- Amiina - Kurr
- St. Vincent - Marry Me
- Sigur Ros - Með suð í eyrum við spilum end
- Feist - Monarch : Lay Down your Jewelled Head
- Estelle - Shine
- Guillemots - Through the windowpane
- Coldplay - Viva la Vida
- Various artist - 21 Original Soundtrack

and keep changing in time.......heheheh
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Time and PlaceStart Time: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 1:00pm
End Time: Friday, June 27, 2008 at 10:00pm
Location: Paris van java lifestyle and resort place
City/Town: Bandung, Indonesia

Featuring the art and photography by :

Fotografer freelancer :
1. Anton Ismael
2. Oetomo
3. Nicoline Patricia
4. Peter Bannan ( new zealand )
5. Rita Feliciano ( netherland )
6. Timur Angin
7. Albert Judiyanto
8. Firman NI

Fotografer Media
1. Panji Indra ( A+)
2. Bona soetirto ( Soap )
3. Agan Harahap ( MTV Trax )
4. Insan Kurniawan ( FREE magz )
5. Jadoon ( Ripple )
6. Gino Korompis ( Swankglossy )

Also 14 Works of Lomographers

Event Exhibition :
25-27 June 2008
Paris van java lifestyle and resort place.

see details in :

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It's just a lullaby for my to embrace and acompany my head and brain.....hehe i guest i need this

maybe you want to try also

1. Amiina - Seoul
2. Agaetis Byrjun - Sigur Ros
3. A Song for our Father - Explosions in the sky
4. Amiina - Rugla
5. Cool - Space Astronauts
6. Carol of the Bells - The Bird and The Bee
7. Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
8. Chasing Pavement - Airto
9. Doctor Blind - Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton
10. Everything Goes Dark - The Hoosiers
11. Kreuzberg - Bloc Party
12. Where is my mind - Placebo (The Pixies Cover)
13. You can't have it all - Ash
14. The Only One - The Cure
15. Violet Hill - Coldplay
16. Sore - Annuals
17. Strobe - Friendly Fires
18. My Heart Won't Break - Club 8
19. Right as Rain - Adele
20. Too Bright - Rubies
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i just been inform by my friend....she work at the radio
and give me this news...........

THE RADIO DEPT. will be performing in Indonesia
26th Of April, The Venue, Bandung - Indonesia

and will be Joining the line up...

Ticket sale :

VIP Rp. 350.000,-
Presale Rp. 100.000,-
On the Spot Rp. 150.000,-

To get the updates, Tunin' to 103,1 FM Oz Radio Bandung, 94,4 FM Oz Radio Bandar Lampung, 89,2 FM Oz Radio Palembang, 101,2 FM Oz Radio Bali, and also 90,8 FM Oz Radio Jakarta

A MUST SEE........................!!!
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hi there,
about first person Movie in Big Screen, i kinda like the tense and the element of surprise of the movie

1999 Blair Witch Project :… (trailer)

and then recently i amazed with

2008 Cloverfield :… (trailer)

NOW, im waiting for the movie that a combo of that, from the director that introduce us Zombie, Mr George Romero (night of the living dead, return of the living dead, land of dead), comes a first person movie about zombie, this movie gonna be rock.........if you think this movie tryin to copy cloverfield, its not coz this movie made before cloverfield, but the release is after cloverfield. it's called :

The Diary of the Dead :… (trailer)

It's a must watch movie yeahhhhhhhhhh !!!
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Can't waittttttttttttttttttt for this movieeeeeeeeee !!!

cause it's Gus van Sant's (elephant, my own private idaho, john mayer's trio video) and the most important the Director of Photography. IT'S CHRISTOPHER DOYLE yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (in the mood for love, chunking express, singapore airlines commercials -- Wong kar wai DOP)

i've seen the trailer.........the emotion is so deep
can't waitttttttttttttt…
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  • Eating: Nothing - Sarcasm Diet
  • Drinking: water
yes, it's 2008.................Keep on tryin guys !!!

My anthem album in the beginning of this year :
Everything but the girl - Amplified Heart
(… ---- the lyrics)
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its been a hell week..........pile of deadlines..........people got pissed, got crazy, don't make sense....IT'S HELL

so sorry if i don't make any comments or's been like HELL here

try to calm things out this weekend...hope to be happy next week
see you
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Hi there !!

wow there is a line of movies i think worth waiting from some of the best director
and this is my version :

1. 30 Days of Night (David Slade - director of "Hard Candy) - it's a comic adaptation
2. Beowulf (Robert Zemeckis)
3. Speed Racers (Wachowsky Brothers) - Anime adaptation
4. Indiana Jones IV (George Lucas - Steven Spielberg)
5. Sweeney Tod : The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Tim Burton)
6. Wall-E (Pixar Animation)
7. The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan)
8. 10.000 BC (Roland Emmerich)
9. The Brothers Bloom (Rian Johnson - director of "Brick")
10. Sicko (yes the controversial Michael Moore)
11. 1-18-08 (JJ Abrams Project - not yet have title - rumors it called "The parasites")
12 GI JOE (Stephen Sommers)
13. Control (Anton Corbijn - video clip director) - about Ian Curtis of Joy Division
14. American Gangsters (Ridley Scott)

and other movies worth to wait :

- Hitman (Game Adaptation)
- Iron Man
- The New Incredible Hulk
- International Man of Mystery (Steve Carell)
- The Kingdom
- National Treasures : Book of Secret
- Resident Evil : Extinction
- Hancock (Will Smith - Superhero kinda movie)
- Mutant Chronicles (Comic Adaptation)
- The Golden Compass
- Stardust (here in Indonesia not yet release ------ kyaaaaaaaa)
- Halloween (by Rob zombie ----- yeahhhhhh blood everywhere)
- Alien Vs Predator : The Requiem
- Spiderwick Chronicles
- Poughkeepsie Tapes (serial killer a la Blair Witch Project)

also Sequels with numbers (geezzzzz!!!) :
- Hellboy 2
- Prince Caspian (Narnia 2)
- The Mummy 3

and also for this awesome Asian Movies (its a must) :
- Negadon (Japanese 3D mecha / kaiju movies a la Godzilla)
- D-war (Korean dragon war movie - Cool Effect)
- The Host (Korean monster movie - Very cool Visual Effect)
- Dororo (Japanese Edo Style Movies according the legend of Dororo fighting 48 Majin Devil)
- Alone (Asian Horror is the coolest of all)

and now i watch :
- Zodiac (David Fincher)
- Sunshine (Danny Boyle)
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  • Watching: On The Lot
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Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!
(hmm suddenly i remember an old TV show 'bout cooking if you know WOK WITH YAN)


hi there. another journal is written hehehheheh (too excited). been busy..busy...busy HELPPPP MEEEEEEEE !!!......... no room to breathe........BUT this week i make an exception
cause I have a spare time (altough only a little hehehhe)

hm....ok, enough with complaining

I just realize that I begin to became FAT, so i have to figure something out to loose some weight or i will become a ball of meat hihihihih,
yesterday i kinda take some push up, sit up and riding a static bike......... and yes it hurt cause its been a long time since i work out. hahhahahah maybe i start again tomorrow

I wrote this in my den, only like 4 by 4 square meter room with all of my favorite stuff here : books, Toys, DVD's, TV, Game console............... Speaking about toys. i really crazy about toys and its getting out of control, coz i dont have any space  for my toys,  I've been collecting toys since i was a lil boy hehehhehe untill now and still doing it...

Maybe i share a little bit (but maybe some of you here have more toys than me, hheheheh....i just wanna share mine )
My Favourite Toys are :
1. my CMYK Gorillaz figure from Kid Robot (it cost me a fortune to buy that)
2. my Transluscent Obi Wan Kenobi figure (got that from a limited edition cereal box)
3. my whole series of Bleach anime figure (i love them very much)

My most old toys are :
1. my 1974 MEGO Spiderman figure (hmm if u dont know this, its like barbie but in spiderman looks heheh)
2. Guardian of the Universe (Garbin) Mecha Robot from old anime (hmm. its a robot with a robot in it and so on, like a russian dolls)

the toy i just bought :
- 4 set of kingdom come series (but the reactiaved series 2 consist of old supes, old green lantern, old wonder woman and crippled Batman.......i am a fan of Alex Ross)
- a sale harry potter toy (i bought THE DEMENTOR)
- 12 inch Leonidas from 300 movie (with talking button)

my wishlist toys :
1. upcoming Real Action heroes Raiden and Snake from SIDESHOW (i want it so baddddddddddd )
2. upcoming Real Action heroes Deathnote (make me cry ..........)
3. Bleach Styling I (we gotttttt GrimmJow heree HOORAYYYYYYYY)
4. upcoming KADAJ figure from FFVII AC playarts
5. Azone RAH Bleach Figure (Ichigo and Hitsugaya Toshiro)
and many more................................TOYS TOYS TOYSSSSSS

enough with the crazyness....................

For all of you out there who have been very supportive to me and my works, i said Thank you to you all..........if i dont reply your comment dont get mad, maybe i just get too busy with my work............sorry for that.....

And for all of you that live in Indonesia Stay tuned for GUDANG GARAM TV Commercial on the 17th and 18th August 2007.......... only 2 days guys and also the PRINT AD in your local newsstand called "KEBANGKITAN" (The Rising) Starring Fahrani

see you again sometimes
Some Bat Channel, Same Bat Signal
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  • Playing: Final Fantasy XII
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Hi there,

wow its been a long time since i wrote a journal, hey there i'm back for a new journal hehehhe

i just attend to DEVMEET INDONESIA 2007 at Starbucks, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta
its been fun, meeting new people, chatting, laughing, and all that, its a happy moment there coz there is so many ppl coming hihihihi

also we decided to make something out of this devmeet.
WALAAA!~!! we make another ARTrisan !!

What is ARTrisan ?? --- you can check in ripatapir journal

actually its a ART gathering, where many ppl with many talents make a work and submit
it with a theme. We started like a year ago and gather around 10 - 15 ppl to do this, but at
2006 it got stuck because of the busyness of the member ARTrisan strikes back, and got a lot bigger this time. So this is the explanation for it :

ARTrisan : The Return

DEADLINE : 1 April 2007 (work submitted)

and here are the participants :


I think i miss somebody, if i miss somebody on the list please let me know
via DA note.


1. every participants must submit 1 work on the deadline
2. if they dont submit the work on the deadline. he/she have to treat the other member for eat (hoorayyyyyyyy ......damn it could be me)
3. you can submit anything (in art term)

that's it !! did i miss something
if i did, please let me know

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Hi there hehhehe new journal in a short time, thats a record for me hahahahha

got tag by :iconkekal::iconbalongas::iconyayaaja:

Rules: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their devpage comments and tell them to read yours....

my version of 6 weird habits/things

1. I sometimes forget the direction (left and right) when i drive at night
2. rarely make up my room (and it cost a lot of energy when it comes very messy like a titanic sinking)
3. I spent so much money on books, cd/dvds, and  toys............a little too much hehehhe
4. A careless piscean
5. A Lazy SMS-ers
6. Always in love with the same girl all the time :hug: :heart:

hmm now i tagged 6 others who saw and comment on this journal for the first time (you  lazy asspunk Bona hahahhahahah)

To all moslems in this world and DA

Happy fasting month, and forgive for all my sins in the past, and my behaviour
as in Minal aidin wal faidzin mohon maaf lahir bathin

And for you guys, i'm very sorry if i dont reply back or comment to your post in my works, i got a little busy here... heheheh

I just got back from Bali working, it was fun, exhausting, exciting and refreshing at the same time with my buddies

thanks to :iconjaysu::iconsigpras::iconfludish: for giving me the chance to work with you guys and see "GOD ISLAND" hehehheehe

It was fun guys, hope to do that more sometimes again with you guys

Also i got shock and happy at the same time,
i got works from LOWE indonesia and team up with their team to do a photogprah for ambient ad for Nipponpaint indonesia
and it got a Silver Medal in Citra Pariwara...........hoorayyyyyyy, although my contribution is not much, just one photograph but i'm very happy............

thank you :iconpaulasantosa: for giving me a chance to this,
congratulations to LOWE Indonesia for this ambient ad and to Paula Santosa, Nteph and rest of the team.......a very great job indeed !!

Also i got very excited and happy because my girlfriend :iconbiskuitoreo: been doin some radioplay in Prambors 102.2 fm, and my god she had a very good and sexy voice, LOVE ITTTTTTT :heart:.
for full information just click in her journal…

So see you later, alligator !!
same bat channel same bat journal
I'll be back in my next journal heheheh


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Hi there
its been a long long time a go in a galaxy far far away that i've been write a journal hehhehe
after  i lost my subscription (but if somebody willing to give me a free subs, i will be glad HAHAHHAHA -------- You wish bona)

Its been a busy days, weeks, months for me ARGHHHHHHHHH.......... coming to my desk hehehhehe, but thats ok...its fun

to my DA friends thanks for all of your supports in my works, sorry i can't thank you all in person one by one, i hope u guys dont get mad hehhehe.......also for my girlfriend that support me all the way thank you my bunny

also been working some projects monthly with  fellow deviants. its fun and excited hehehhe
i guess this is the end of my short journal

see you again in my next journal

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O N E............

Tue Dec 13, 2005, 9:01 AM

"This letter i wrote 3 days ago, I can't find anything else so i wrote this"

One is the number you always found in your life. You have one life that you live. You have one believe, one god in one mind. No one in this world can change that.
This is one story of my life.

I Born as one of my parents child, I'm the one and only boy that they had in my family.
Back then the day seems so beautiful. But one day it all come falling down

Now One is my number to be

I had one and only mom that I love so much and I had one girl that I love so much. There is no one in this world like them. Nothing and not one thing in this world can change that.

One mother. One girl. One plus one is not two for me. Cause one plus one is one for me. Cause they make me feel like a one person that nobody else can make.
I had only one wish right now. I want to get back to the one I loved.

One mistake. One stupidity. Make me back to square one. If I had one chance in this world. I will turn back time to one time

When I wrote this one letter. I have been cried for one hour. They say boys don't cry.
Well I'm not one of those one. Cry for one

I only have one heart for my special someone
I only have one angel to wait
I am a boy who had one strength to deal this one life
I had one burden in my back that so heavy that i feel I can't lift it anymore
I had only one body that now keep on resisting to me
I am now one lonely boy who don't know what to do
I don't have the answer to my one problem…………..and I don't know if I can get the answer
I feel that I don't belong here anymore at my one family ………..or even in this one community
If something happen to this entire life, please let me be the one to take the first bite of it, too tired, too sad to think………sometimes I feel I can't make it
I am one stupid guy that wrote this………..and this is the worst thing that happened to me

Sometimes one mean forever
Sometimes one mean everlasting
Sometimes one mean chance
And sometimes one just a number, nothing more

Am I the one ??
Am I one of those bastard who make people sad ??  make mistakes to people I love??
Why this happen to one and only me ??
One answer I can't find

One feeling.One sadness. One hope. One heart. One love.One my One and only life………….

One letter………one message……………

Comes to the ONE itself……………me


Hello again everybody, welcome to my journal.
I'm not in a very good mood lately. dunno why, yet still i don't find the answer for itself

maybe because of a lot things in my head

Again....... i would to say thank to all you DA friends here for supporting me and my works, i really appreciate that.
maybe i can't reach all of you, sorry for that
I wanna thank you all for that.

Here are some quotes i found and got stuck in my head(from songs and etc)

"the sky is all i see its neverending, we could fly, you and I on a clouds.....kissing......kissing" , Bliss --- kissing

"take me, don't leave, love will come through its just waiting for you", love will come through -- Travis

"all your life, you will always waiting for this moment to arrive", blackbird -- Beatles / sarah mclachlan

"Can you help me, tell me what you want from me, Can you help me, tell me why you wanna leave me, Can you help me, without you my whole world is falling apart", Usher -- can you help me

"Thank god I found you, I'm lost without you
You brought the sunlight complete in my whole life", Thank god I Found you -- Mariah Carey

"I love you, you love me, take this gift and don't ask why, cause if you will let me. I take this gift and hold this deep inside, and if you ask me why, i'm with you and why i never leave, love will show you everything", Love will show you everything -- jennifer love hewitt

"a place inside still belong to us, stay beside in my life.....never too far away", never too far away -- Mariah Carey

thats all folks, see you in my next journal


Hi there !!
I have a new gallery just to express my thoughts or you can say
as my diary
not by writing..........but by taking picture
you will not find any glam, fashion or any kind of that photo
i just take picture "as i like to photo" and put in in "one day photo collage"

check out there "The Diary of Protogeny" --------:iconthe-dop:


im waiting by biskuitoreo :thumb25800676: :thumb21889220: another hard journey by kenns
trapped by bundestaag :thumb23460265: Versus Medusa by jonjacobsen :thumb23417089:
Conspiration by Chacalxxx :thumb23626304: Landscape by sashaisinsane .:running:. by shadtoto
yes by suzi9mm Don't Fret Precious... by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me :thumb23937490: :thumb23836280:

Mature Content

Dasha by rust2d
.Drift Away With Dreams. II by trinket

Mature Content

.Flora's secret. by trinket
.::ballet jumping::. by Dinacecillia Say it by 7th-Heaven-Creative the last classic love by jaysu c a l m by fludish
Glam by DonovanDennis i am here alone by aryku Unseparated by dive2blue untitled11 by natashalyonne
:thumb22895926: :thumb24396215: Kae Sun 2 by superkev that's.the.LASTone by tiago-xavier
Climber by Sankaracharya cross race by nescafe A Sorta Fairytale by bleedingbride :thumb25024939:
:thumb26112835: :thumb25267709: losing colors by JuliaDunin water world by mbahuyo
un gravity 2 by mehmeturgut :thumb26153235: house on a hill by bule

now or never!!! army of technology!!!
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